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Real Estate is doing extremely well in Canada compared to many parts of the world including the U.S.

Mortgage rates are heading up as announced by 2 major Canadian banks.

With interest rates near record lows and the pending possibility that the Bank of Canada may continue to raise rates during the second part of this year, now is a great time to consider the purchase of a home.

A local Oakville Mortgage Broker can help get the lowest rates.

The business outlook is positive as internet marketing is taking a front seat to traditional print advertising.

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New Listing - Bronte Creek

Oakville Home for Sale

Oakville offers many housing options from apartments, townhomes and single family homes to opulent villas and multi million dollar houses.

If you are thinking of renting vs. buying, consider the length of time you plan on living in the residence.

Most people that lost money on real estate only held it for a shorter period of time or sold when market conditions were unfavorable.

In the long run buying is usually better than selling and in Canada you keep any capital gain you make on the home when you sell your primary residence.

When you buy a home there are extra expenses to consider such as the "welcome tax", appraisal fees, home inspection, real estate commissions and actual moving expenses.

Also consider the cost of fixing up the home the way you want it after you move in.

A local Oakville Contractor can help with any such renovations.

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Oakville Home For Sale

Bronte Creek one of the new hot areas in Oakville. Some homes within the new development are fortunate to be bordering on the Provincial Park. Bronte Creek Home for Sale Oakville

The high end, desirable streets within the development are Bingley Crescent, Saddleworth and Ribble. Most homes on those streets are either built by Fernbrook or Monarch, with Fernbrook seemingly being the more desired builder in the area as the homes command a premium. See below for real estate agents and companies in Oakville.

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Real Estate in Oakville

It's 2012 and Canadian home resale prices continue to perform well. Despite some naysayers, there do not seem to be any immediate signs of housing correction.

Interest rates remain at near-record lows with big banks getting in on the action by offering lower mortgage rates. Beware of the fine print though on some of the big bank mortgages, as they may not be as flexible and end up costing much more over the long run. A knowledgable local Oakville mortgage agent can help navigate the loan process and find not only the best rates, but the best deals and terms.

Notwithstanding the hiccup of 2009, the real estate market is healthy and values are increasing year over year.

Real Estate in Oakville was fortunate not to have fallen much during the global financial crisis. Real Estate all over the world was affected by the excessive worldwide speculation and irresponsible lending on the part of many major banks. Here in Canada we can count our blessings and when looking around our community, solid stable housing prices helped by extremely low interest rates are found in the main population areas of Canada.

Oakville real estate features some of the most sought after properties in Canada. With the commencement of the construction project for the New Oakville Hospital underway, the infrastructure in Oakville continues to support the growing population while ensuring that greenspace and local trails and parks continue to integrate well with planned development.