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Oakville real estate appraisers can help determine the true value of your home by taking into account current market conditions. As we have seen the housing prices fluctuate severely over the last year, comps do not tell the full story.

Supply and demand dictate housing prices and it seems we are heading into a strong Spring Real Estate market both here at home in Ontario as well as across Canada.

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Buy or Rent?

Oakville offers many housing options from apartments, townhomes and single family homes to opulent villas and multi million dollar houses.

If you are thinking of renting vs. buying, consider the length of time you plan on living in the residence. Most people that lost money on real estate only held it for a shorter period of time or sold when market conditions were unfavorable. In the long run buying is usually better than selling and in Canada you keep any capital gain you make on the home when you sell your primary residence.

When you buy a home there are extra expenses to consider such as the "welcome tax", appraisal fees, home inspection, real estate commissions and actual moving expenses. There is also sometimes the cost of fixing up the home the way you want it after you move in.


Oakville Real Estate Appraisers

Oakville Real Estate Appraiser
Real Estate Agents    
Oakville Appraisers Oakville Ontario  
Appraisal Consult 418 N. Service Road E. Oakville
Appraiser Alliance 1200 Speers Road Oakville
Bastlen Appraisal 130 Herald Ave. Oakville
Canada Ross 2377 Salcome Drive Oakville
Dianne Stoodley 114 Bronte Road Oakville
Halton Property Appr. 114 Sparling Court Oakville
Jill Murphy and Assoc. 1200 Speers Road Oakville
Knowland DL 99 Bronte Road Oakville
Schafer Fred Real Estate 380 Speers Road #A 905-842-1630


Real Estate in Oakville

Beautiful Downtown Oakville is the centerpiece of the growing community of Oakville located South-West of Toronto and North-East of Niagara Falls, Canada along the banks of Lake Ontario. For the beginning of 2010, Oakville home sales are up significantly from last year with the economy showing signs of stability and improvement. Home ownership is once again your hedge against inflation.