Oakville Business Marketing

Is your Oakville business showing up on the internet searches?

Start by listing your business in the Oakville Business Directory.

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Advertise on the "net" so your potential customers can find you!

This is the single most cost effective way of getting your name out to people who are searching for your products and services locally in Oakville, Ontario.

Over 80% of Canadians are "online".

Get Social

Dedicate some staff hours to regular updates of your social media channels including Youtube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and others such as Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and more.

Being in touch with your customers and potential clients can lead to better information for the customer and more business for your company.



About OakvilleBusiness

OakvilleBusiness.ca was created out of local business requests to be listed on the internet without spending large sums of money on their internet marketing programs.

OakvilleBusiness reaches out to the local targeted demographic of consumers seeking out local professionals, tradespersons, businesses and services in Oakville, Ontario Canada

Search Optimized Listings

Our indexed website is optimized to make sure you can find local businesses you are looking for and also to make sure local businesses can make consumers aware of their local offerings and services.

We provide a local index of Oakville Businesses to help our community find what they need without the clutter of national or international searches that can take time and effort to wade through. If you are looking for businesses in Oakville, Ontario you should not have to sift through offerings from Oakville CT or Oakville MO in the U.S.

Oakville is a wonderful place that many residents and businesses call home. We are proud to be a member of such a great community.