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"Shop till you drop" in Oakville, Ontario

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Featured Shopping in Oakville, Ontario

Oakville offers a wide variety of malls, mini-malls, stores, shops, boutiques and downtown stores.

On the Oakville-Burlington border you will also find the Factory Outlet Stores.

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Oakville Shopping

The town of Oakville, Ontario in Canada is located along Lake Ontario between Toronto - about a 30 minute drive, and Niagara Falls - about a one hour drive.

Oakville Shopping Locations
Shop Downtown Oakville    
Oakville Place Mall    
Oakville Shopping Centres    
Department Stores Oakville    
Discount Stores Oakville    
Dorval Crossing - Town Centre    
- Staples    
- Toys R Us    
- Future Shop    
- Home Depot    

Oakville Place is one of Oakville's popular shopping areas. Downtown Oakville is another area with many shops along Lakeshore Road. Get around Oakville by bike or stroll around one of the many shopping malls. Single stores also dot the town's mini-malls where you can find LCBO and the Beer Store among others.

Downtown Oakville features a Starbucks and Second Cup. The Upper Oakville Shopping Centre is located at the corner of Upper Middle Road and Eighth Line in Oakville where you will find a Mastermind Toys, New Balance and Beddingtons among others. A Shoppers Simply Pharmacy and MCI the Doctors Offics is also located there along with an LCBO and a Starbucks.

Shopping in Oakville

Whether you need new clothes for the fall, sports gear for the kids, books, toys, electronics, games or even a new lower priced Xbox 360, Wii or Playstation 3 console, you will find most anything you need right here in Oakville. Grocery shopping is available in many shopping plazas throughout our community from convenience stores to supermarkets and delis.