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If you would like more traffic and customers using legal, local internet promotion techniques, contact us for a local consultation or to put together a web marketing strategy for 2010 for your service or company.


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Oakville hosts a variety of businesses from the independantly owned and operated small businesses to the large chain stores and multinational companies.

More and more businesses are realizing that the front door of their business is really on the internet. -by 2012 internet marketing outlay will triple from $20 billion dollars in 2007 to over 60 billion in 2012.

Having your website listed on the top of google and the other major search engines will increase your web traffic and sales.


Internet Marketing

In this time of economic challenge, businesses in Oakville are turning to the internet to increase both in-store and online traffic and customers. Whether b2b or retail products and services, businesses are looking for low cost, high impact ways to get their products and services noticed by reticent consumers.

Internet Marketing Companies and Web Developers in Oakville:

Webmad Internet Marketing and Design 200 N. Service Road #211, Oakville ON

Old yellow pagesIn the old days, a potential customer would scour the yellow pages or even newspaper. Today customers reach for the internet search box when looking for a local product, business or service.

If your business does not show up in the internet search, you are not on the map! Many businesses do not have the time or personel to devote a full time person or persons to the task of staying on top of internet search rankings, keyword optimization, implementing web marketing and promotion strategies and assuring your business is found on the internet.

Some businesses have not yet even developed their websites with proper keywords so their pages will be indexed and they can be found by local customers. Many businesses are highly competitive and the ones that maximize their online exposure will see an increase in traffic and sales.

Oakville's Internet Marketing Expert

happy oakville residentsA local company, Webmad Internet Marketing and Design in Oakville, Ontario is helping local businesses increase their revenue and profits through effective internet marketing. Webmad offers internet consulting campaigns, strategies and advice for local Oakville, Ontario businesses. They can promote Canada-wide or focus on local promotion depending on your product or service.

Search engine algorithms and internet ranking constantly changes, so regular updates to your content and website are key to develop and maintain rankings.

Webmad reviews things like your Anchor Text, Linking Structure, Directory Submissions, Search Engine Submission, Tags,Descriptions, Analytics, Site Map, URL forwarding, 301 Redirects, Keyword Research and Optimization and other SEO related services.

Many components go into a successful website design including the basics such as quick loading graphics and rich media elements that are optimized for the web. CSS (cascading style sheets) web compliant website structure using best practices.

Thorough website construction also includes competitive analysis of your market segment and appropriate site copy and html markup.

Contact web design Oakville = Webmad Internet Marketing and Design.

webmad internet marketing and website design Oakville

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