Eye Care

Find a local optometrist to arrange an eye examination.

Get quality eyewear and your prescription filled for eye glasses or contact lenses locally in Oakville at your local Oakville Opticians offices.

Oakville Optometrists

Optometrists are health care professionals that are experts in the field of vision and the eyes.

They can help restore fading or lost vision and help maintain ocular health.


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Oakville Optometrist

Find a local Optometrist in Oakville Ontario Canada. Find your local eye care professional in Oakville Ontario

Optometrist Oakville Ontario

Oakville Optometrist
Desai Mayur Dr 286 Lakeshore Road E Oakville
Feinstein Brian D 328 Speers Road Oakville
Gail and Associates 247 N. Service Rd#203 Oakville
Goodhew J and T Drs. 2501 Third Line Oakville
Great Lakes Optometry 3420 Rebecca #2 Oakville
Love K Dr. 110 Nelson Oakville
Mungar J C Dr. 135 Lakeshore Road W. Oakville
Oakville Place Eyecare 240 Leighland Oakville
Pachler R Dr. 2530 Sixth Line 8B Oak. 905-257-3542
Perry Amos Dr. 1235 Trafalgar Rd.#300 Oakville
Sanger Contact Lens Centre 2330 Lakeshore Rd W. Oakville
Sanghera A Dr. 118 Cross Street Oakville
Sebestyen Susana Dr. 1344 Cornwall Rd #200 Oakville
Sheldon Larry Dr. 1235 Trafalgar Rd.#300 Oakville
Trafalgar Ridge Optometry 2387 Trafalgar Road Oakville
Traynor Martin Dr. 1011 Upper Middle Rd E Oakville
Ujimoto Trent Dr. 360 Dundas St E. Oakville
Van Ymeren N Dr. 110 Nelson St. Oakville
Wheeler Patricia Dr. 1131 Nottinghill Gate Oakville
Yeung Christine Dr. 2460 Neyagawa Blvd-10 Oakville

Optometrists in Oakville Ontario

Find a local optometrist for your next eye examination.

Local opticians can dispense contact lenses and prescription eyewear and glasses.

Contact lens wearers still need to get their eyes re-examined every 2 years or so in order to continue to receive their lenses.