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Whether you require a tax attorney or a lawyer that specializes in family or business law, you will find a good local attorney in your area of Oakville.

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Diane Daly - Daly Law
301-165 Cross Avenue
Oakville (905) 844-5883
Oakville Family Lawyer

Deep James
467 Speers Road
Oakville (905) 815-0895

Find lawyers in Oakville that specialize in a wide variety of law practices. From divorce lawyers and family lawyers, to an attorney that will help with the closing of a home sale.

In particular, divorce attorneys that serve divorce, custody, child and spousal support issues are favoring the collaborative family law approach instead of costly court battles. Daly Law is a specialist in this field in Oakville.

From Bankruptcy lawyers to business law, family law and tax law you will find a competent attorney for your legal needs in Oakville.