Car Repair Oakville

Car won't start? Engine or transmission problems or just an oil change or a tune up? Your local Oakville auto repair service can assist.

Car Repair Oakville Auto Repairs

Automotive Service

From winter tires to fixing your transmission, you will find competent auto repair shops in Oakville.

Whether you visit your auto dealer or independent care service firm, maintaining your car in top shape will pay dividends in the form of safety and reliability. now accepting advertising.


Auto Repair Oakville Service

Local Oakville auto repair shops and service facilities can help keep your car safely on the road. Or visit your local car dealer.

Oakville Auto Repair Service
AAR Automotive Repair 616 York Street Oakville
Aktive Motors 886 Winston Churchill #1 Oakville
Al's Auto Repairs 427 Speers Road Oakville
Auto Macs Collission 1091 Speers Road Oakville
Automation Inc 1505 Speers Road Oakville
Cheshire Motor Car 886 Winston Churchill Oakville
Citation Automobiles 2237 Royal Windsor Oakville
D M Automotive 285 Wyecroft Oakville
Darby Auto Electric 1033 Speers Road Oakville
Dennis' of Oakville 501 Speers Road #2 Oakville
Dynamic Automotove 1129 Speers Road Oakville
Eastside Auto Service 573 Chartwell Oakville
Economy Performance 68 Shepherd Road Oakville
Expert Auto Repairs 2334 Wyecroft Road Oakville
Fourth Line Auto Services 559 Speers Road Oakville
Gary's Automotive 1435 Wallaca Road Oakville
Good Neighbour Garage 3069 Lakeshore Road W Oakville
Gorski Auto Centre 1490 Speers Road Oakville
Grande Automotive 2334 Wyecroft Road Oakville
High Society Auto 1476 Speers Road Oakville
Hypertech Automotive Serv 1490 Speers Road Oakville
Iroquois Ridge Tire-Auto 521 N. Service Road E Oakville
JNB Auto Center 1149 Speers Road #3 Oakville
Jeoff's Garage 2069 Worthington Oakville
Kerr Cadillac 410 South Service Road Oakville
Mantis Automotive 1029 Speers Road Oakville
Mazhari Auto Service 1476 Speers Road Oakville
Meineke Car Care 143 Lakeshore Road W Oakville
Melo's Auto Service 467 Speers Road #9 Oakville
Mototran Auto 1490 Speers Road Oakville
My Mechanics 2239 Royal Windsor Oakville
NRG Automotive Inc 1313 Speers Road #B Oakville
OAC Automotive 1480 Speer Road Oakville
Oakville Chevrolet 547 Trafalgar Road Oakville
Oakville Honda 500 Iroquois Shore Oakville
Oakville Import Auto 2505 Royal Windsor Dr. Oakville
Oakville Mitsubishi 191 Wyecroft Road Oakville
Proserve Auto 2334 Wyecroft Road Oakville
Rowetech Automotive 273 Speers Road Oakville
S E Sales and Service 1502 Speers Road Oakville
SK Automotive Specialists 458 Woody Road Oakville
Sheridan Auto Service 1032 Winston Churchill Oakville
Speedy Auto Service 112 Speers Road Oakville
Tony's Repair 407 Speers Road Oakville
Volvo of Oakville 770 Pacific Road Oakville
Young's Automotive 297 Speers Road Oakville

Tires and Tire Dealers in Oakville

Whether your tire or tires need retreading, repairing or you just need a set of winter tires, now is the time to prepare for the winter driving season. Your neighborhood tire dealer can help you pick the right tires to get you safely through the winter. They can even provide you with snow chains and winter driving advice! Avoid the rush when the first signs of snow inevitably appear by planning early.

Concerned about your tread wear? Your tire tread depth is important for keeping a grip on the road especially in wet and snow conditions.

There are many tire brands including Firestone, Cooper, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Dunlop, BF Goodrich, Uniroyal, Michelin as well as specialty tires, snow and mud tires, performance tires and more. Buy tires that are good quality and carry a good guarantee. Check your tire pressure regularly to avoid premature wear.

For tires and wheels, see your local tire dealer.