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Wilson Foot Health Clinic Burlington is a family foot clinic that "treats the feet".

Interest rates remain near record lows in Ontario. Selling a home? The real estate market is red hot.

It pays to get carpets cleaned when staging a home. Call SteamWorks Carpet Cleaning - they even did work at the Glen Abbey Golf Course.

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Oakville hosts a variety of businesses from the independantly owned and operated small businesses to the large chain stores and multinational companies.

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Glen Abbey Community and Golf Course information at www.glenabbey.ca.

Your best deal on a new mortgage or mortgage renewal may come from a local Oakville mortgage broker.

Whether you are looking to buy a car, repair a Lexus, Volvo or other brand auto, or need a list of hotels or the address of the local Hilton, you will find them in our directory categories.

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Oakville, Ontario in the region of Halton is home to many families, residents, businesses and service companies. Our town has a vibrant local community with quaint downtown shopping and dining as well as business friendly infrastructure.

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Looking for a quality local business location or service in Oakville? Here we present selected businesses that provide a local product or service you may be looking for.

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Located about a 30 minute drive from the city of Toronto and a neighbor of Mississauga, Hamilton and Burlington, Oakville takes pride in being one of the safest communities in Canada along with forward looking management, planning, building and structured development.

Enjoy Oakville's lakeshore, harbours, trails and current events.

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From Oakville Place to mini-malls and shops throughout Oakville, the service or product you need is most likely available locally. Local businesses report growth and are expanding their store size, hours and operations. For example the new men's salon and spa: Fortelli For Men is reporting great success with the opening of their new men's only salon adjacent to the Fortelli Salon and Spa off of Third Line and North Service Road.

Other growing businesses listed here include everyone from accountants and chiropractors to computer service.

Oakville Mayor Burton who was re-elected in October 2010, comments on our beautiful town in this video.

Downtown Oakville

Beautiful Downtown Oakville is a traditional and quaint walkable town. This fall the weather is especially nice and downtown is bustling with pedestrians shopping, walking or just soaking up the sun.

Shops and Restaurants in downtown Oakville are serving up seasonal specials and are upbeat about the continuing economic upswing.

Come on down and visit one of the many fine restaurants, shops and pubs.


Oakville Services include professional services such as Dentists, Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Chiropracters and more. Find auto professionals, service companies, home decorator services, mortgage brokers, real estate agents and many more dedicated individuals and companies here in Oakville Ontario.